Evaluation for video project…

For my video project I decided to do a multimedia package about colour blindness. I found it interesting that although it is an issue that affects many people, hardly anybody knows much about it. Therefore, I decided to make a video that would educate people about the issue.

Originally, my video was going to consist of vox pops where I asked people what they understood about the term ‘colour blindness’. However, I encountered a lot of problems getting people to agree to be filmed talking about the issue. After two days of trying to get vox pops from people on the high street, I only managed to find one person that had anything worthy to say about the topic. So, I chose to include an interview with someone that is colour blind aswell. I found someone that is colour blind, and filmed an interview where she spoke about how it affected her life, what things it prevented her from being able to do etc…

Putting the piece together was what I found hardest about the project. At first, I tried to tell the story by adding text to my footage, but that didn’t work very well. In the end, I just put the vox pop and the interview on in separate parts of my online piece. My interview went after some facts about colour blindness and explaining my idea. My vox pop went after text that explained how my filming revealed that hardly anybody knows what colour blindness is. I was trying to get the text on my post to be more narrative, due to the fact that I only managed to get very limited footage.

If I could the project again, I would definitely ensure that I got a wider variety of footage. This would make my video more interesting, and make them more narrative. If I had anticipated the problems I encountered trying to obtain vox pop footage, I would have changed the topic or style of my video from the very start. Another thing that I would include is the input of an expert on colour blindness. My video/project lacked the expertise that it required to make it more successful. Viewers might have benefitted from more information about the matter, so that they felt ‘enlightened’ about colour blindness, rather than just being slightly clearer about it. More shots of my interviewee going about daily life would have made the video more aesthetically pleasing aswell.

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