A review of Scott Derrickson’s “Sinister”:

As a horror movie fanatic that spends most of her time watching movies with the curtains closed so that they seem more scary, its safe to say that my expectations of the movie “Sinister” were quite high. I have watched countless “thrillers” that would fail to frighten a two year old, but I can honestly say that this particular movie scared the pants off me. It lives up to its name right from the beginning of the film, by starting with a home made movie that shows a family of four being gruesomely hanged by some unknown force. The movie then starts to lose momentum, and unfortunately has a very sluggish first half that mainly focuses on Ethan Hawke (Ellison) and his family moving into the house where the murder occurred. In all fairness it allows you to get the image of hanging bodies out of your head and leaves you completely unprepared for the events in the second half of the film. Just as I was about to write off this movie, it picks up pace and takes you through traumatic and frightening events that has everyone hiding behind their popcorn boxes. The climax lives up to the action of the second half, and doesn’t fail to disappoint, with a very unexpected twist that throws you completely off balance. All in all, I would say that it matches up to Derrickson’s best work – “The exorcism of Emily Rose”. If you enjoyed that, then you are bound to find this movie just as good. The moral of the story: check that no-one has died in a house that you are about to move into…

Rating= 4 *

to read more on this film check out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1922777/reviews


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